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Paperfinger, a new hand-drawn design company, brings a personalized, human quality to everything from wedding announcements to logo designs.

The truly homegrown business started in founder Bryn Chernoff’s living room in October ’08 when she decided to stray from her background in computer science to pursue her longtime love of the decidedly analog world of ink and paper.

She will even transcribe a love letter in that beautiful caligraphy!




A few of my favorite things.

As Maria would say. She was right about “Brown paper packages tied up with strings” and “Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels”.


·Sunny mornings;
·Unexpected sprouts;
·Anything with cinnamon in the oven;
·The perfect cup of coffee;
·Trusting my gut and realising it worked out;
·Sleepy puppies.

Taking my time in the morning to enjoy:

·Thoroughly thought newsletters;
·My DailyDose;
·Getting a morning ‘hello’ in the mail;
·Sending a morning ‘hello’ by mail;
·Choosing the musical company to go with all of it.

Discovering something new on:

·Flickr (duh);
·Colour Lovers;
·Abstract City;

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Hi! I'm Mar and I love vector drawings. Even more when they're on paper.